Famous people with interpersonal intelligence

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famous people with interpersonal intelligence

Howard Gardner Quotes (Author of Frames of Mind)

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Published 09.10.2019

Explore Interpersonal Intelligence - Multiple Intelligences

Here's a list of people who used words to make a name for themselves.

8 Famous and Unforgettable People with Intrapersonal Intelligence

Here's a list of some great thinkers and leaders who also happened to live with a disability. Their unique combination of intelligences--strengths as well as weaknesses--made them such successful people. Helen Keller This American author, lecturer, and humanitarian was blind, deaf, and mute. Her life story and writings continue to inspire people from all walks of life. Friedrich Nietzsche This German philosopher's theories had a widespread influence on social, political, and cultural movements throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Well, this depends on how you define "intelligent". We are all intelligent in many ways. Here are descriptions of the major "intelligences" that have been identified so far, careers that would capitalize on that intelligence, and some famous people to identify with. The activities we have created listed on the Students and Teachers pages encourages you to use many intelligences. Read through the descriptions, and determine how intelligent are you? Keep in mind, you can be intelligent in more than one way.

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Can you pick out the student who gets along with everyone in the class? When it comes to group work, do you know which student you pick to work well with others to complete the assignment? If you can identify that student, then you already know a student who displays the characteristics of interpersonal intelligence. They are skilled at managing relationships and negotiating conflict. There are some professions that are a natural fit for people with interpersonal intelligence: politicians, teachers, therapists, diplomats, negotiators, and salesmen. But, she is precisely the example Gardner uses to illustrate this intelligence. Sullivan's showed great interpersonal intelligence in dealing with Keller and all of her profound disabilities, as well as Keller's doubting family.

Have you ever worked for one of those people who seem to have a natural inner glow that somehow seems to attract other people? Such a person has a way of keeping everyone well motivated and happy to work. As a result, the desired outcome is achieved faster and the quality of the finished products or the delivered services is higher. When at work, you will not be sure about yourself in most of the tasks because you are not sure if your results will be perfect enough for the boss. The difference between these two scenarios is different levels of interpersonal intelligence and that is what we will discuss today. This is a theory by a Harvard psychologist that was originally developed in It has so far been revised to cover more elements.

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  1. Interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability of a person to relate well with people and Several famous individuals are noted for their interpersonal intelligence.

  2. Well, this depends on how you define "intelligent". the major "intelligences" that have been identified so far, careers that would capitalize on that intelligence, and some famous people to identify with. Linguistic intelligence.

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