Why i drool in my sleep

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why i drool in my sleep

Quote by Rick Riordan: “You drool in your sleep- Annabeth Chase”

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Published 02.10.2019

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Drooling In Your Sleep and How to Prevent It

You also may have noticed that saliva leaks out mostly when you sleep on your sides and rarely when you sleep on your back. There are different glands that contribute to the production of saliva. In the resting state, the rate of secretion of saliva has been estimated to be 0. Coming to the clinical indications, drooling could be associated with the following seven mild to severe medical complications. Improper Sleeping Position — When you sleep on your side or your stomach, your mouth often opens as you relax, and saliva can dribble out. But when you sleep on your back, you naturally swallow during sleep, which prevents drooling. Allergies — Allergic rhinitis and certain food allergies cause over-production of saliva resulting in drooling.

It may seem a little embarrassing: you wake up and your pillow is drenched in slobber. After you wipe the spit at the corners of your mouth, you might wonder: Why do we drool in our sleep?
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Day 5 of Being Real: Mom Confession- I Drool When I Sleep

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