What is a good diwali gift

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what is a good diwali gift

The Diwali Gift by Shweta Chopra

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Join the 3 Curious Monkeys Suno, Dekho and Jaano as they discover the most auspicious, wonderful Diwali Gift!

When a mysterious package arrives just in time for Diwali, the three friends can hardly contain their excitement! Sparklers? Bangles? Diyas? Whatever could it be?

Discover the most special gift of all... in this tale of tradition, curiosity, and fun!
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Published 17.09.2019

Top 10 Diwali Gift Ideas

This list of Diwali gift ideas will help you find the right presents for brass and other materials, which can not only be a great addition to a Puja.
Shweta Chopra

In case you are still hunting for the perfect Diwali gift, here are the best hampers this season

Diwali , the festival of lights is the most eagerly awaited and the most celebrated festivals of India. This festival of lights and sweets is loved by people of all ages. The festival signifies the victory of good over the evil and hope over despair. The most important question raising at this point of time in your minds will be when is the Diwali this year? Well let me tell you it falls on Sunday, October 27 , this year. Now coming to the most mandatory part of the celebration, that is the exchange of heartfelt Diwali gifts, which friends, families and colleagues share with other as a gesture of showing love and affection.

Celebrate the festival of lights by gifting earthen diyas, lamps and lanterns to your loved ones and make Diwali shopping for Diwali gifts a bit easier. Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most loved and celebrated occasions in India. It is celebrated with diyas, crackers, sweets, decorations and lights. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 27th October The mythological story which runs behind festival of Deepavali is the return of Lord Rama with his brother Laxman and Sita after an exile of 14 years. The festival is celebrated to honor their return after such a long time.

Diwali is one of the few Hindu festivals that is celebrated not only all over India but also the world. It is known as the festival of light and is famous for the firework displays that mark this occasion. It is also the time when people pray to the Gods for the prosperity of the family and business and people exchange gifts and wishes. There is a whole range of ideas from traditional gifts to eco-friendly options to choose from. Diwali is a time for worshipping a lot of gods and goddesses. Some people seek the blessings of the benevolent Lord Ganesha as they begin a new venture or year, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, brings prosperity to her devotees as she enters their houses this time of the year. A lot of Indians also worship the Goddess Kali during this occasion.

Diwali Gifts ideas to your daughter, wife, sister or any other important person in your Such presents were considered a token of love and the warmth and good .
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Whether you're looking for delightful dessert hampers or exotic tea sets, we've got you covered.

ScoopWhoop: Struggles Of Buying A Diwali Gift

You haven't yet saved any bookmarks. To bookmark a post, just click. Celebrated every year in the autumn by millions of people, Diwali is the most significant festival in the Indian culture. It is also probably the favourite and most celebrated Indian festival even by non-Indians worldwide. The beautiful festival of light celebrates new beginnings also known as the Hindu New year and the triumph of good over evil.

Diwali festival, the most celebrated festival in India, is also associated as the largest gift giving and shopping festival in India. The tradition of exchanging gifts and shopping is very popular during Diwali. People go out of their way to splurge themselves and their loved ones as it is associated with prosperity. This tradition of shopping and exchanging gifts has been harnessed by marketers today. Most manufacturers and suppliers launch their products or announce attractive schemes to attract the people and people are willing to spend at the time of Diwali.

Diwali is the most important festival for Hindus, and exchanging gifts is one of the festival's traditions. From Lakshmi and Ganesha statues to saris and puja thalis, these ideas will help you find the right gifts. During Diwali, Hindus worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth , prosperity and beauty. Hence, gifting a statue of Lakshmi during Diwali is considered auspicious. Ganesha is worshipped along with Lakshmi during Diwali.

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  1. Diwali, apart from being the festival of lights, is also the occasion of exchanging gifts.

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