The astonishing review dream theater

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the astonishing review dream theater

The Astonishing by Peter Orullian

In a not so distant future, our world has returned to the ugliness of feudalism. Only this time, those in power control the servant class with the very thing that once inspired men to rise up and take back their lives—music. But it is not the music of old. That music is forgotten. No, this new music is engineered entirely by machines. This music suppresses that part of humanity which might be inspired. This music suppresses hope.

But what is old will be made new again.

In the village of Ravenskill lives a young man, Gabriel, who comes with a gift of power. A gift of music. As a human expression.

Gabriel’s brother, Arhys, leads a rebel militia that is trying to liberate the people. And he believes Gabriel’s gift is the key; a key he hopes will help him keep a promise he made his wife on her deathbed.

But the emperor and his son have different plans--to maintain control. Those plans may find an unlikely challenger in their own family. And the resulting conflict may yield lasting consequences. For them all.

With music as a moving force, the choices each player must make will bring them to a shared moment of pain. And perhaps redemption.
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DREAM THEATER THE MUSICAL?! - The Astonishing - Mike The Music Snob Reviews

I still remember the day, over half a lifetime ago!!! Like childhood toys, they quietly faded into memory. Whenever I heard of a new album coming out, I would light up with excitement.
Peter Orullian

Dream Theater – The Astonishing

Read: ridiculous character names, fictional locations, a goddamn symphony. And what a story it is, too. The story goes on from here and introduces jealous brothers, compassionate mothers, small children, and a heavenly choir of thousands to counter for a few murders here and there. And despite the massive story, it is Dream Theater after all, so the music is taken just as seriously as the tale of Gabriel and Faythe. LaBrie performs vocals for all the characters, including women, children, and at one point, even the ensemble as a whole.


Mechanical wheezes and tinny street wars set in a distant future replace the roundabout pun intended audile tempest fluttering about Jon Anderson 's rampant interpretation of the Hindu shastras., Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. In the interest of full disclosure, I want to make it clear from the beginning that I have been a shameless apologist for Dream Theater for many years.

Descent Of The Nomacs 2. Dystopian Overture 3. The Gift Of Music 4. The Answer 5. A Better Life 6. Lord Nafaryus 7. A Savior In The Square 8.


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