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a passionate marriage michelle reid read online free

A Passionate Marriage by Michelle Reid

Leandros married Isobel on the crest of a wild affair. But, within a year, the marriage crashed and burned. Three years on and Leandros wants to finalize their divorce. But face-to-face with Isobel, Leandros is in for a shock: their all-consuming mutual attraction is just as strong as ever! Suddenly his plan has changed, and hes ready to tame his headstrong wife...whatever it takes!
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Alessandro Ferrera lay stretched out on the sofa in his Milan apartment with a glass of malt whisky balanced on the flat wall of his stomach and his eyes grimly shut. Maria Callas wept soulfully in the background, filling the room with a tragic aria that thoroughly suited his mood. For beside him, tossed down on the low table like an insult, lay the letter he knew he should not have opened because it was not the first piece of poison he had received over the last few trust-whittling weeks.
Michelle Reid

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Search this site. On the summer of her seventeenth year, she'd been there as a tourist, where she fell in love with rich and powerful noble Andreas, conceived his child and then married him. But their marriage ended abruptly after only two years with the death of their son. Now, Louisa shakes off the bad memories and steps off the ferry onto the island, only to be shocked: Why is Andreas here, when she was told he would be away? She hasn't spoken to her husband even once in five years, and she finds a maddening mixture of hatred and love for him stirring in her heart. All-New X-Men Vol. Ant-Man Vol.

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