Good series to read for tweens

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good series to read for tweens

Tween Book Lists

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Published 07.07.2019

My favourite books for Tweens/Teens? - Daisy Levell

Clean YA books for teens, tweens, or anyone

Tom shines in his roles as teacher, blogger, writer, husband, and most of all, as an exceptional father to his two daughters my hooligans. It is an honour to have have his words grace my blog. Take it away, Tom…. I have read to my daughter Leah almost every day of the ten years she has been alive. Our reading time together is precious and sacred, and never comes at the expense of anything else. It is one of the most important things I do with the twenty-four hours I am allotted each day. I will stake no claim to being the Parent-of-the-Year, but I will say proudly that my wife and I have raised a couple of wonderful readers.

So what happened in book one?

Want to print your favorite book lists? Subscribe now! This post may include affiliate links. That means if you click and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. I have a soft spot for excellent middle grade books. They know that kids are often grappling with difficult issues, or that kids every day encounter friends and classmates who are.

Tweens don't want to read or be seen to be reading anything that seems too young. But some may not be ready for the sophisticated and challenging themes of teenage titles. Keep this balance in mind when developing your school library or class library collection. The version of the report showed that 9—11 year-olds are keen to have books with a mystery or problem to solve, while 12—14 year olds want books with smart, strong or brave characters. When deciding what to buy and recommend for your tween readers, there are some genres and formats they find particularly appealing. Associate Professor Teri S.

We know how important reading is for our kids. Reading develops imagination, it helps kids to develop empathy, and exposes them to new ideas. Through books tween readers can take on new roles, explore risks and experience all kinds of life circumstances and adventures. They may recognise themselves in the stories they read, and learn that they are not alone with problems or difficulties. Plus reading is relaxing, a great way to help tweens switch off and take a break.

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  1. Instead of sitting in bed watching tv, every night my parents would read for a couple of hours.

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