I prevail heart vs mind kickass

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i prevail heart vs mind kickass

Heart Of Eon (Eon Warriors, #3) by Anna Hackett

Four and a half
I was so looking forward to getting to read Wrens book as the idea of a computer geek hiding out onboard a space cruiser and taking control of its systems sounded absolutely preposterous and yet so very intriguing. This is actually quite a fun read and frequently had me smiling. Wren might not be all toned and kick ass but shes bright, brave and a woman with lots of heart. She will do anything for her sisters even if that means taking on an alien War Commander.
Malax needs back control of his ship although hes quite intrigued by the small human who is running rings around him and his crew. If Im blunt I wasnt initially that impressed by Malax as right from the start hes mooning over Wren and getting distracting by her lips etc. Im sorry but I prefer my heroes a little less sappy but luckily as the story progressed Malax definitely improved. As for the story oh my you are in for a real treat as unusual AIs and even an action packed space battle will have you gripped. Theres a sweet ending to please fans of the series and a huge hint about how it could continue although for this reader its obviously the King who Id like to read more about. This book though is all about plucky Wren and her very own Warrior.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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I Prevail - Heart vs Mind vs Acoustic

CrossroadsI Prevail • Heart Vs. Mind. Love, Lust, And LiarsI Prevail • Heart Vs. Mind Kickass Metal · New Core · Brian Head Welch · Lindemann.
Anna Hackett

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I Prevail is an American rock band formed in Southfield, Michigan , established in They released their debut EP Heart vs. Mind on December 17, The band released their debut album on October 21, , titled Lifelines. On 29 March , the band released their second album titled Trauma , with lead single " Breaking Down ". I Prevail was formed in late

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