Why does a girl cheat on her boyfriend

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why does a girl cheat on her boyfriend

Against the Tide (Spirit Animals, #5) by Tui T. Sutherland

The sun is shining in the Hundred Isles, and yet the path forward seems crowded with shadows. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have traveled across the world, seeking a set of powerful talismans in order to keep them from enemy hands. Throughout their journey the young heroes have been hounded by pursuers, who always seem to know just where to find them. Now they know why.

One of them is a traitor.

As they steer the crystal blue waters of this tropical paradise, the team cant help but suspect each other. Theres a spy in their midst, and before this mission is over, a deadly trap will close around them.
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Why Do Women Cheat?

What is considered cheating?
Tui T. Sutherland

Why Do Men Care Less When Their Girlfriends Cheat With Women?

People have different reasons for cheating. If you've ever had your heart broken due to infidelity, you know that it's a special kind of gut punch that takes a surprising amount of effort to overcome. You may never again be able to fully trust your partner after they've cheated. According to Today, cheating including emotional affairs is one of the main causes of divorce. We went to Reddit to find out why more women than ever are cheating.

But there are always two sides to every story. Why did they cheat? What led them to that point? To better understand and further examine rationales for cheating , we asked nine women of all ages to tell us why they made the decision. Below, learn about why women cheat on their husbands and boyfriends. To protect their privacy, some names have been changed.

"I wasn't quite ready to leave him because of the kids"

Kelly, a year-old corporate recruiter living in L. - Sarah, a year-old student in London, is telling me about a time she cheated on her boyfriend with another woman. For him, it comes down to the potential for comparison.

And yet, they have been physically or emotionally unfaithful. Perhaps you are one of them, and you are currently grappling with why you cheated. Usually, there is a more powerful and personal motive. See if any of these four common reasons resonates with you—and if you can start moving on from your indiscretion in a constructive way. You were who they wanted and went after. Being courted can make you feel powerful, confident, validated, and beautiful.

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  1. There is a common misperception that it's only men who step out on their partners, and that women are always faithful.

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