Keep waking up at 4am spiritual

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keep waking up at 4am spiritual

Waking Up Quotes (94 quotes)

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Published 06.03.2019

3am - 5am wake ups: WHY this happens to awakening souls and what to do when you wake

We have all experienced that strange phenomenon where we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night on a regular basis, at exactly the same time each night. We find ourselves pulled from sleep and, in the haze of our waking selves rebooting, reached for the clock or our phone to check the time. And with our brains working at low capacity, we see that familiar time and curse our bodies for insisting that we lose sleep, in the same way, every night.

Waking Up 4am Spiritual Meaning: What Does It Mean?

Supernatural activity is higher and more accessible. A spirit guide is a spirit on the other side who guide you towards your highest good. There is a message, a sign, you are meant to see that during your waking hours you are not paying attention to. This is also a time where connection with your Higher Self the Divine You is optimal. This is an opportune time for the spirit world to connect with you. You are closest to this realm at this time of day than any other time of day.

Many people have trouble sleeping these days or may wake up at certain hours at night not knowing why. According to this ancient practice, not being able to sleep during certain hours or waking up in the middle of the night is something that we should not take for granted. Waking up at a certain time during the night or in the early morning could mean your body is communicating physical or emotional issues related to your overall well-being. The hours between 9 p. If you are having a hard time sleeping during this time, it could mean that you are under a lot of stress. Freeing your mind of all worry through meditating can be an effective way to help you fall asleep during these hours.

Waking up once or twice at 3 a. There are 14 major meridians that run through the body, 12 of which align with the 24 hour clock. That means there are 2 hours each day in which one meridian which is running through a certain part of your body becomes the primary. Meridians are linked to parts of the body and bodily processes, as well as through thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Basically, the hour that you keep waking up can tell you which meridian is experiencing a disruption. Physical: You may be experiencing issues with circulation specifically, your heart or your gallbladder.


Waking up at 2am every night has a very deep spiritual meaning. This is likely caused by problems in your relationships. You want other people to like you and you quietly desire recognition for your achievements.

This post is an opinion piece based on a personal experience, and the author is in no way an expert on the subject. I'm not a "like a log" sleeper. I toss, I turn, I have crazy dreams; some symbolic, some, just my brain having fun. But over the years, I've had one thing remain pretty constant when my head finally hits that pillow at night:. Thank you thank you thank you a million times for this. This all makes sense to me.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Waking up at the same time every night could be a spiritual sign that the universe wants to communicate with you. From 3 am to 5 am is a spiritual time where spiritual activities are in high. In other words the universe considers your worthiness to be part of his spiritual journey. If you wake up continuously at the same time in the night that means you need to pay more closer attention of your spiritual life. It indicates that someone wants to communicate with you to make you understand the purpose of your life on earth.

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  1. A lot of people wake up at the same time every night without paying much attention to it.

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