Live for something greater than yourself

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live for something greater than yourself

Quote by Mark Owen: “Dont just live, but live for a purpose bigger ...”

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Published 17.02.2019


Do you want to help create a happier and kinder world?

How to live a meaningful life: Connection with something greater than yourself – Part one

He said the marriage was going to be strong because it would exist for a purpose bigger than itself, it would exist for God. In the past I know I would have thought that this was stupid because I have never been a big fan of religion. This is an argument as to why you should look within yourself and find one, if you do not have one already. Life is better when you have a purpose that goes beyond your own material needs. All the great people in history have lived for a strong purpose. It may be religious, political, for civili rights, or for any cause. Great people, the ones we remember, are those who made great personal sacrifices for what they believed to be a great cause.

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All things considered how happy are you on a scale of 0 to 10?

Life in the egosphere can be a bumpy ride. How does that affect me?

What legacy do you want to leave behind with your life? Sure, these are deep questions. When we are able to grasp the impact that living for something bigger than ourselves can have, we then realize that our lives are not just about us. To help motivate you to embark on the journey of living for something bigger than yourself, here are some meaningful reasons that we hope will inspire you:. By finding your other strengths, you can tap into our ways that you can use your life to change the world. As you aim to live for something more than yourself and reach for their potential, you may wholeheartedly help others to realize the greatness that lies within them, too.

Believe in kindness, compassion, faith, and courage. To be truly successful in life, you must believe in something greater than yourself. You must care about something other than yourself. You must be passionate about something that you can unconditionally love. This may sound counterintuitive to you, but the happiest people are the ones who are adding value to the world, who are building upon the good things in life, the important things that really matter. The most peaceful people in the world are the ones who are quick to forgive others, and brave enough to apologize for their own mistakes.

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