Marvel comics deadpool kills marvel universe

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marvel comics deadpool kills marvel universe

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe by Cullen Bunn

This had potential. It did not reach it.

I was expecting the story to be executed better (not trying to make puns here...) but the script wasnt tight enough, the tale itself felt weak. With a bit more love and attention, this could have been something darker, more twisted, which captured Deadpools personality a little better and his quirky qualities. We didnt even get to see anyone put up much of a fight. It all felt... stale. Yes, he breaks the Fourth Wall regularly, but theres usually humour to it. There was no humour in this, there was no sympathising with him and there was nothing even remotely, Hey, thats pretty awesome, or, I shouldnt be laughing but I am. Did everyone take a stupid day and decide not to think?

It all felt too easy, there was none of the fun that Deadpool is known for and really, it was a bit boring. It doesnt add anything to Deadpool or the Marvel Universe and its not exactly memorable. Just avoid it... it will only annoy you...
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It even tied into another dystopian Marvel reality, making it one of the most tragic takes on Deadpool ever. Now, CBR is taking a look back at how Deadpool was corrupted, who died in his wake and what separates it from the earlier incarnation of the comic. This led to the dissolution of the voices inside Deadpool's head.
Cullen Bunn

The story starts with a narration of Uatu the Watcher talking about the Marvels that surrounded this world, and how now every single Marvel is meeting its inevitable end. Next, we see Susan Storm grieving over her dying husband Reed Richards, while surrounded by the remains of Ben Grimm's rocky body. Reed mentions with his last breath that he managed to keep their children safe in the Negative Zone from this menace. An explosion sounds and Susan becomes invisible only to find out that the perpetrator was none other than Deadpool who just crashed a ship crushing Johnny Storm and slitting his throat. The resulting blood splat reveals Susan's position to Deadpool but before he can attack her, Susan blows his head up with a force field. However, Deadpool's healing factor rebuilds his head and he manages to stab Susan in the back, effectively killing the Fantastic Four.

Now Deadpool is back for another round of universe killing, but the set up is pointing to something a little different behind the latest bout of murder. And then going after the creators that made them. Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic returned to the well this week for Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again —joined by Goran Sudzuka and Miroslav Mrva—but it seems like, so far, this is a much more straight laced and ultimately more tragic affair than the first series. Once again, Deadpool is mindcontrolled courtesy of a spoken command delivered by MODOK into murdering his allies, starting with a few offshoots like Gambit and Luke Cage before really beginning by slaughtering his teammates in the Uncanny Avengers, and the premise of it to turn him into a villainous personal assassin is similar as well. But in and out of the comics in the five years that have passed since Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe , Wade Wilson has changed. So instead of the irredeemably brutal killer we saw in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe , Again gives us a brainwashed hero who needs rescuing.



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