We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry

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we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry

Quote by Unknown Christian: “we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry”

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Published 29.11.2018

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We All Eat Lies When Our Hearts are Hungry

I was talking to a lady in the office yesterday. We just took a few minutes for a break to put my feet up on the edge of the desk of the office I was camping in for the afternoon, and her leaning on the door jam, coffee in hand. But how did I get in that relationship in the first place? Anyway, she was talking to herself as she played and she said her full name, but used my maiden name as her last name instead of her own. I said that it was my name before I married her dad. What do you say to that?

We know. We are saying that crap in our heads already, only we are saying it louder than you, and with more frustration and self-loathing, because we have been trying without success to calm down and stop panicking for the balance of our lives. I know it can be exasperating to deal with someone with anxiety — boy, do I. I deal with an anxious personality every waking minute of every single day, and let me tell you there are times I want to smack myself with a broom, take out my batteries, and let my whole fucking house burn down. Walk away. Tune it out. So: try not to do that to people.

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Which is what makes this an incredibly lonely disease. As hard as I try, I cannot make you understand what it is like to struggle so very deeply with something that is so very basic. Everybody eats. It cannot be that hard to just eat. Little children eat. Animals eat. It is one of the most basic parts of life.

My heart and mind has been stuck on it since. It made me realise how many things we become vulnerable to simply because our hearts are under-nourished. We need to nourish the body by eating specific foods and drinking certain drinks like water which is recommended as beneficial for our well being. We then proceed to school which is meant to nourish our minds through studying and acquiring knowledge. This journey is the most painful because no two journeys are the same. This is because you were tailor made to specifications that only your Creator can master — hence not even your parents can feed this hunger that is hidden deep in your heart from the moment you are born.

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  1. If your need is acute you are unlikely to be too critical in your analysis of any attempt to fulfil that need. If you are hungry as hell, haven't eaten for days, you aren't.

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