Immigrate words in a sentence

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immigrate words in a sentence

Immigration Quotes (355 quotes)

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Immigrate word in sentence with pronunciation


Alan emigrated from America and immigrated to Australia. The above sentence might be a little confusing for you as the two words which you thought had the same meaning imply differently. The words immigrate and emigrate are very much related to each other and have almost similar meanings which elicit confusion in amateur writers. We are here to eliminate this confusion by explaining you the meanings of each of these words with examples, so you can understand the difference among the two and never confuse one for the other again. Immigrate as verb:. Going and living in another country after all the legal workings is known as immigration.

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It was easier for my family to leave the Soviet Union and immigrate to Canada! Many others have endured huge obstacles and lengthy waits to immigrate legally. They may change when we get married, immigrate to another country, or convert to another religion. Nadine for her part is gathering the necessary paperwork to immigrate to New York, where her grandmother lives. Is it for these things I give up wife, and patrie, and immigrate myself out of dear France? I should not want "the flower" of other nations to immigrate to our shores. The desire to immigrate , stimulated by the transportation companies, spread like a fever.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Some had no doubt immigrated to Attica when the rest had long been settled there. Of the population in , 17, had immigrated thither from the three mentioned sources. The inhabitants 33, , are mostly Little-Russians and Jews; there are also some Greeks, descendants of those who immigrated in the 17th century at the invitation of the Cossack chieftain Bogdan Chmielnicki. The women of Arles have long enjoyed a reputation for marked beauty, but the distinctive type is fast disappearing owing to their intermarriage with strangers who have immigrated to the town. The possibility that Zoroaster himself was not a native of East Iran,but had immigrated thither from Rhagae?

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