Are we going to heaven

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are we going to heaven

Heaven Quotes by Randy Alcorn

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Published 28.11.2018

When we all get to Heaven

For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. In fact, hell—not heaven—is our default destination. There are two possible destinations when we die: heaven or hell.

Going To Heaven

Will there be mansions and streets of gold, and will we become angels? This is such an important issue for all of us — death affects all of us indirectly and will obviously affect all of us personally at some point. We try, as a Church and even in society, to describe the ideas of death, resurrection and heaven because that is important to us. Peter Kreeft, my favorite philosopher and a guy who has written a lot about heaven. I imagine this is just an expression we use and, in that regard, it can come across as harmless. However, I do want to point out that, as humans, we most certainly do not become angels when we die. We humans are unique in creation and have a special dignity.

What awaits us after death? There are many ideas about what heaven and hell are like, and about who will go to heaven and who will go to hell. But do all these ideas come from the Bible? What does the Bible really teach about life after death? Since death awaits us all, what happens after death is certainly worth considering! In several locations the Bible likens death to sleep. Before continuing with this passage, we need to address two matters: How is death similar to sleep?

Going to Heaven — Is Heaven a real place? Going to Heaven is only achievable if heaven is a real place. The word heaven is often used to describe an extremely pleasant taste, feeling, or experience. But is it an actual place? The Bible says that there is a real place called heaven.

As Bishop of Durham, he is the fourth most senior cleric in the Church of England and a major player in the strife-riven global Anglican Communion; as a much-read theologian and Biblical scholar he has taught at Cambridge and is a hero to conservative Christians worldwide for his book The Resurrection of the Son of God, which argued forcefully for a literal interpretation of that event.
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Robyn J. Whitaker does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. This is the second in a two-part series on heaven and hell by Bible scholar Robyn Whitaker. You can read her piece on hell here. She had a point.

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  1. This optimism stands in stark contrast to Jesus Christ’s words written in the Bible: “Enter by the narrow gate. But once that’s straight in our minds we’re ready to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus took upon himself, on the cross, the hell we deserve so that we could.

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