Facts about entertainment in the 1920s

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facts about entertainment in the 1920s

1920s Quotes (48 quotes)

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The Silent Era: Crash Course Film History #9

During the s, the arts and media responded and adjusted to shifts in the larger society. World War I had changed America's relation to the world, the American economy boomed after the war, and young people embraced more modern lifestyles. The arts responded to all these social trends.

The 1920s Arts and Entertainment: Overview

Some referred to the s as The Roaring Twenties. At the time, business was booming - many Americans were developing a taste for a new, faster lifestyle. Modern music became popular as a result of developments in the media radio, records and films. People had more money to spend and more time to listen to the music of the time. Jazz originated from the southern states of the USA, from the blues and ragtime music of the black people. Young people had had enough of their parents' old dances, eg the waltz. Jazz was much more rhythmic and lively, and it was easy to dance to.

Mass Entertainment Of all the new appliances to enter the nation's homes during the s, none had a more revolutionary impact than the radio.
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The Roaring Twenties

The "Roaring Twenties" ushered in the birth of a new, modern national lifestyle, as war-weary Americans wanted to enjoy themselves and began to value convenience and leisure over hard work and self-denial. What Characterized the Roaring Twenties? The Roaring Twenties era was characterized by technological advances and prosperity with new labor-saving inventions that led to the large scale use of automobiles, telephones, the radio, motion pictures and electricity. People challenged traditional ideas and the new morality glorified personal freedom, nonconformists and youth, personified by the fashions and lifestyles of the "flappers" who danced the charleston to the new music of the Jazz Age in the city speakeasies. The Roaring Twenties.

In , the first radio station that was commercial started and radios became a huge hit broadcasting news, entertainment, and advertisements. By ten million houses had radios, there were stations, and sales reached million dollars. Radios also created heroes overnight, such as Charles Lindbergh who in flew his airplane nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. Radios even spread racial stereotypes through the air. The radio largely impacted households by spreading the American lifestyle. Movies became a daily part of American society and one of the biggest forms of entertainment during this decade.

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  1. In the s, radio and cinema contributed to the development of a national media more disposable income for the consumption of entertainment and leisure.

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