Thats about as funny as

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thats about as funny as

Thats Funny: A Theory of Humor by George J. Cole

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Published 22.11.2018

TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Now That's What I Call A Fail!

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Here is a great collection of witty funny sayings that is sure to put a smile on your face. Cast your vote for the best saying and see which phrases other people liked. My neighbors were yelling so loud at their kids to clean up their room that out of fear even I started cleaning my room. I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones I swallowed an ice cube yesterday and I haven't pooped it out yet.

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With the Easter holidays here , and no guarantee of good weather , no parent wants a house of bored children on their hands. So keep your kids amused on those rainy days by showing them this, our list of of the best simple or silly jokes kids will love. Why are seagulls called seagulls? Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bagels! Your head hits the ceiling! Why did the man run around his bed?

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We all love a good pun ; those moments where a play-on-words can elevate a news headline, quip or joke to iconic status. Here are of the best pun-based jokes. Or should that be worst? Either way, they're truly punderful About a month before he died, my uncle had his back covered in lard. After that, he went downhill fast. My colleague can no longer attend next weeks Innuendo Seminar so I have to fill her slot instead.

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  1. The definition of a classic - it stands the test of time. Nitpick alert: It's a screen door on a submarine. Another: teats on a boar.

  2. A little phrase to describe the hilarity of a joke/funny incident. Is usually used when re-telling That's funny as!" "Did you hear what Dave said.

  3. A few years ago, Laura Mickes was teaching her regular undergraduate class on childhood psychological disorders at the University of California, San Diego.

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