Facts about anything in the world

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facts about anything in the world

Facts Quotes (571 quotes)

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Published 26.11.2018


If you need a great conversation starter, here are 50 of our favorite awesome facts from the book.

50 Awesome Facts (About Everything)

The internet is incredible for so many reasons: instant worldwide communication, for example. Or how about the ability to manage planet-wide distribution networks for companies like Amazon or Fed-Ex? Not exactly a shocker, right? But have you ever stopped to considered just how bogglingly, earth-shatteringly, inconceivably big it is? They also briefly dabbled in running a taxi service, operating a TV network, and managing a chain of hotels… before finally settling on video games in The digitization of everything is picking up speed.

Funny Facts About the World That Will Make You Smile

Here are 50 more of our favorite awesome facts from its pages. For more incredible facts like these, pick up 5, Awesome Facts About Everything 2, in bookstores now or available online here. The presidential race is already dominating the news cycle, but before that election occurs, citizens will have the chance to vote in their state and local elections. Off-year elections don't get a ton of national press, which means people are less likely to remember to register to vote until it's too late. But if you're reading this on September 24, National Voter Registration Day, you still have plenty of time to sign up before the next Election Day on November 5,

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  1. From how they celebrate the holidays in space to the size of world-record-setting produce, these awesome facts might just shock you.

  2. Back when dinosaurs existed, there used to be volcanoes that were erupting on the moon.

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