What is feature writing all about

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what is feature writing all about

The Complete Book of Feature Writing: From Great American Feature Writers, Editors, and Teachers by Leonard Witt

Life is the stuff feature stories are made of. Stories about people, families, small incidents and huge events, written so every reader feels as if he is a part of the story.

These stories are all around you, and the world of feature writing is a fertile one. Editors want and need good feature writers. Why shouldnt you be one of them?

This book provides a thought-provoking look at how to find, write and sell feature stories. Youll gain insight into the feature as you sit down with award-winning feature writers, editors and teachers who share their years of experience with you. Youll get get solid advice on everything from defining a story to interviewing your subjects, from finding your own voice to selling your stories. Youll learn that crafting an excellent feature story is much more than getting the words down on paper it involves character development, and finding the sublime in the mundane aspects of everyday life. And youll find specific examples of this process, as well as targeted exercises, to help you hone your own feature writing skills.

Feature writing topics are infinite and the outlets many. Theres room for all kinds of writers with many styles and many aspirations. This book will help you carve your own path to success in the extremely gratifying world of writing feature stories.
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What is Feature Writing?

A feature story is a piece of non-fiction writing about news. A feature story is a type of soft news. Although truthful and based up good facts, they are less objective than straight news. Unlike straight news, the subject of a feature story is usually.
Leonard Witt

How to Write Feature Stories

One useful writing material is a feature article. Features are more in-depth than traditional news stories and go beyond providing the most important facts. The purpose of these stories is to provide a detailed description of a place, person, idea, or organization. Although reporters and editors classify features as news stories, they are not necessarily structured using the inverted pyramid style. Instead, features use storytelling devices to help the reader connect with the overall narrative and its central characters. Features are particularly common in magazine writing, although they frequently appear in other mediums. Among the most common subjects of profiles are celebrities, athletes, individuals who overcome challenges, and high-profile executives.

A feature story aims to educate and entertain the readers. It reflects the best in a writer. It can be personal, colorful, and opinionated, but without deviating from the facts. It may be longer and in-depth compared to a straightforward news story. It carries feelings and impressions.

One approach emphasizes the facts of the event, while the feature displaces the facts to accommodate the human interest of the story. Most news broadcasts or.
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Some people entering the competition may never have written an article before. They may feel passionately about, or have worked in, development yet when it comes to journalism, they are total newbies. Others want to find out more about a subject they know nothing about, or test their writing abilities. Consider the questions suggested and attempt to answer some of them. You can't answer all of those questions. This is journalism, and journalism needs to be new and original. That's why an "angle" is important: even if your topic has been covered in the past, there will always be something new to say.

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