Movie about yellowstone blowing up

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movie about yellowstone blowing up

Goodreads Authors/Readers - Science Fiction: Yellowstone is dead Showing 1-15 of 15

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Earth's Doomsdays - Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts - HD 2017 Volcano Documentary

So is the disaster movie to rule them all? Well, not quite, though Roland Emmerich certainly tries his damndest, in the process delivering some of the biggest, most spectacularly over-the-top destruction sequences ever committed to film. Geologist Dr.

A Few Cracks Appear Near Yellowstone And Suddenly Everyone's Shouting 'Supervolcano Eruption!'

Movie teaser: "A true story of global disaster The three eruptions, respectively, were about 6,, and 2, times larger than the May 18, eruption of Mt. Helens in Washington State. According to park records, the geyser has erupted more times in the past five years than it has since the s. USGS identified 37 volcanoes in the Very High threat group and mentions an additional 21 under-monitored volcanoes. Yellowstone is one of the 21 under-monitored volcanoes in the High threat group.

All that activity is fueled by a smoldering supervolcano, a heat engine buried deep underground that has produced some of the largest eruptions in the world. The last supereruption about , years ago spewed cubic miles of pulverized rock and ash into the atmosphere, covering nearly half the country in the powdery residue. Geological Survey.
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History Channel Documentary - Yellowstone Super volcano getting ready Blow its cork

It's the opening scene of a Hollywood blockbuster movie: Dwayne Johnson, a charming and nimble scientist, discovers cracks opening up in the ground near Yellowstone National Park. Within hours the entire Yellowstone supervolcano is erupting while Mr. Let's be clear, Yellowstone supervolcano is not erupting and you won't hear about it from the Daily Express first. So where did the blown out of proportion scare tactics come from? Location of closure in Grand Teton National Park. To be clear, the primary concern of the park officials is that the cracks will expand and cause rock falls in areas where tourists would have been. There's no set date when the areas will be open to tourists again as park officials assess the cracks, the rate of their growth, and the stability of the rock face.

When the supervolcano that lies beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming finally awakes from its ,year slumber, it will spew out enough ash and magma to change the world as we know it. This is the prediction of scientists who have calculated that the global risk posed by a supervolcanic eruption somewhere in the world is between five and ten times greater than the probability of being struck by a giant asteroid. But it is the huge lake of molten magma lying dormant under the lush landscape of Yellowstone that is causing the greatest concern to vulcanologists studying the special threat posed by supervolcanoes. Earth scientists commissioned by the Geological Society of London have calculated that there may be several super-eruptions big enough to cause a global disaster every , years - whereas an asteroid larger than 1km 0. Supervolcanoes may not look much - most do not even have the traditional cone of a Vesuvius or a Mount St Helens - but their potential for destruction is many times greater than a traditional volcanic eruption. A super-eruption at Yellowstone would be far more devastating for the world than the eruptions at Tambora in , Krakatoa in and Pinatubo in which all caused global climate disturbances for several years after the event.

Shot last year in Toronto, it tells the story of the final days of the ancient Roman city destroyed by a volcano. Pompeii is the latest in a long line of movies starring the erupting Mount Vesuvius. Dean Cain and Robin Givens co-star in the decidedly more low-budget flick Airplane vs. Volcano , set for release in late March. Also due out this year is Volcano Zombies , a horror film in which a sheriff Thomas Downey tries to save a family from an erupting volcano while fighting off lava-filled zombies. Is this cinematic molten madness new? Exploding mountains have figured prominently in dozens of films on both the big screen and small screen.

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  1. Supervolcano (TV Movie ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. extravaganzas of major cities being blown up,crushed, swamped, engulfed, set on fire . The 'true' story of an impending super-eruption beneath Yellowstone National . disaster movie build up and an episode of the BBC science show HORIZON.

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