A bedtime story about a princess

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a bedtime story about a princess

I Want a Bedtime Story! by Tony Ross

I liked the idea, just wish the princess hadnt been demanding/grouchy. Perhaps you can still read it to your kiddos if you use the right, upbeat, reflections in your voice. It shows kids that reading is great and that often its where parents get their ideas from. :)

Ages: 4 - 7

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Princess and the Pea Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

11 Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

Once upon a time there was a Princess. Many a suitor came to the palace to win her hand in marriage, but it seemed to the Princess that each one of them looked at her without really seeing her at all. She took the ball to the palace yard and threw it higher and higher. One time she threw it extra high and when she ran to catch the ball, she tripped on a tree stump. The ball fell and plopped right down into the royal well! She raced over to fetch her ball before it dropped too far, but by the time she got there she could no longer see it in the water. The ball fell and plopped down into the royal well!

11 Interesting Short Princess Stories For Kids

Once upon a time there were two little princess girls named Kaitlyn and Kara. They loved to play outside in their tree house. It had a tire swing, a telescope on the roof, a table and chair inside, and a great little porch.

Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses. Their names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8. They all lived in a manor, with butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people. But the princesses did not treat them like slaves, they treated them with respect and kindness. She was very kind, and taught her three girls how to treat all people with respect and kindness. The mother had long flowing black hair.

4 thoughts on “I Want a Bedtime Story! by Tony Ross

  1. A Princess sings a lullaby to her kingdom every night - until she falls under a curse. She had long red hair and loved roses so much that everyone called her Princess Rose. Every evening Princess Rose, along with the little golden bird, sang a loving lullaby, so that all people.

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