Fun facts about mother teresa

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fun facts about mother teresa

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by Christopher Hitchens

Among his many books, perhaps none have sparked more outrage than The Missionary Position, Christopher Hitchenss meticulous study of the life and deeds of Mother Teresa.

A Nobel Peace Prize recipient beatified by the Catholic Church in 2003, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was celebrated by heads of state and adored by millions for her work on behalf of the poor. In his measured critique, Hitchens asks only that Mother Teresas reputation be judged by her actions-not the other way around.

With characteristic elan and rhetorical dexterity, Hitchens eviscerates the fawning cult of Teresa, recasting the Albanian missionary as a spurious, despotic, and megalomaniacal operative of the wealthy who long opposed measures to end poverty, and fraternized, for financial gain, with tyrants and white-collar criminals throughout the world.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Mother Teresa

Deeply religious, she became a nun at the age of 16, joining the Loreto abbey in Ireland. Two years later she was given the name Sister Teresa.
Christopher Hitchens

16 Facts About Mother Teresa You Probably Didn’t Know

She was born on August 26, , in Macedonia. She belonged to a family that was financially secured. Her parents were Kosovo-Albanians. She was fascinated with missionaries from an early age and she decided to commit herself to a religious vocation. She left her home when she was only 18 years old to join the Sisters of Loreto in Rathfarnham, Dublin in Ireland.

She is revered all over the world for her benevolence and philanthropic activities and has always been a reservoir of inspirations for all the grey-matters of this living planet. To flounder deep into this great soul, here are some interesting facts about her life and her services to the man-kind:. Real Name. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. She served in Calcutta now Kolkata for most of her life and was nicknamed as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for her services to the Calcutta people.

Her father, who was involved in Albanian-community politics in Macedonia, died in when she was eight years old. He may have been from Prizren, Kosovo, and her mother may have been from a village near Gjakova. According to a biography by Joan Graff Clucas, during her early years Teresa was fascinated by stories of the lives of missionaries and their service in Bengal; by age 12, she was convinced that she should commit herself to religious life. Her resolve strengthened on 15 August as she prayed at the shrine of the Black Madonna of Vitina-Letnice, where she often went on pilgrimages. Teresa left home in at age 18 to join the Sisters of Loreto at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham, Ireland, to learn English with the view of becoming a missionary; English was the language of instruction of the Sisters of Loreto in India. She never saw her mother or her sister again.

Mother Teresa is a household name for her good works, but many people don't know much about her beyond “nun who helped the poor.” Here are 20 facts.
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1. Her middle name, Gonxha, means "little flower."

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born Aug. Agnes was fascinated with missionaries from an early age, and by 12 she knew that she would commit herself to a religious vocation. Although she lived to be 87, she never saw her mother or sister again after the day she left for Ireland. Sister Teresa began teaching history and geography in Calcutta at St. She remained there for 15 years and enjoyed the work, but was distressed by the poverty she saw all around her. It took two years of preparation before she was able to begin doing the work she felt compelled to do.

Take a look below for 30 more fun and interesting facts about Mother Teresa. After living in Macedonia for eighteen years, she moved to Ireland and then to India, where she lived for most of her life. In , Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation which had over 4, sisters and was active in countries in She was recognized by the church as a saint on September 4, , and the anniversary of her death, which is September 5, is her feast day. A controversial figure during her life and after her death, Teresa was admired by many for her charitable work.

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  1. Kids learn about Mother Teresa's biography. A great Mother Teresa was born in Uskub, Ottoman Empire on August 26, Fun facts about Mother Teresa.

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