10 facts about diego rivera

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10 facts about diego rivera

Diego Rivera: His World and Ours by Duncan Tonatiuh

This charming book introduces one of the most popular artists of the twentieth century, Diego Rivera, to young readers. It tells the story of Diego as a young, mischievous boy who demonstrated a clear passion for art and then went on to become one of the most famous painters in the world. 

Duncan Tonatiuh also prompts readers to think about what Diego would paint today. Just as Diegos murals depicted great historical events in Mexican culture or celebrated native peoples, if Diego were painting today, what would his artwork depict? How would his paintings reflect todays culture?

Diego Rivera: His World and Ours is a wonderful introduction to this great artist.

Praise for Diego Rivera
« “By establishing a link between modern readers and Rivera and challenging them to make our own murals, the author makes art both aspiration and action. Both solid introduction and exhortation, this book will thrill budding artists.” –Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Kids will want to talk about the great painter, and young artists will find inspiration for their own creations.” –Booklist

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Diego Rivera Biography

Biography Newsletter

His large frescoes helped establish the Mexican mural movement in Mexican art. Rivera had a volatile marriage with fellow Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. He had been caught drawing on the walls. His parents, rather than punishing him, installed chalkboards and canvas on the walls. As an adult, he married Angelina Beloff in , and she gave birth to a son, Diego — He was still married when he met art student Frida Kahlo. They married on August 21, when he was 42 and she was

While we know him as Diego Rivera, his full name is amazingly long. Rivera had a twin brother called Carlos Maria, who unfortunately passed away at the age of one and a half. Rivera started drawing aged three, and he used to draw all over the walls and furniture of his home. His parents grew so frustrated with his doodlings that they put up canvas and chalkboards on the walls. He may have famously married Frida Kahlo, but she was his third wife out of four. Rivera and Kahlo married in , divorced in , but then remarried in After Kahlo died in , Rivera married his agent Emma Hurtado.

Quick Facts

Diego Rivera, a memorable figure in 20th century art, actively painted during the 50 years from to Mexican by birth, Rivera spent a good portion of his adult life in Europe and the United States as well as in his home in Mexico City. Early in his career, he dabbled in Cubism and later embraced Post-Impressionism, but his unique style and perspective is immediately recognizable as his own. He was involved in the world of politics as a dedicated Marxist and joined the Mexican Communist Party in Lived in unsettled times and led a turbulent life, Diego Rivera, widely known for his Marxist leanings, along with Marxism Revolutionary Che Guevara and a small band of contemporary figures, has become a countercultural symbol of 20th century, and created a legacy in art that continue to inspire the imagination and mind.

Born on December 8, , in Guanajuato, Mexico, Diego Rivera sought to make art that reflected the lives of the Mexican people. In , through a government program, he started a series of murals in public buildings. Now thought to be one of the leading artists of the 20th century, Diego Rivera was born on December 8, , in Guanajuato, Mexico. His passion for art emerged early on. He began drawing as a child.

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  1. Diego Rivera is considered among the greatest Mexican artists. He is famous for creating murals that showed the struggles of the Mexican working class and indigenous Mexicans. His scandalous relationship with fellow Mexican artist Frida Kahlo remains a part of pop culture.

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