All about reading level 1 used

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all about reading level 1 used

All About Reading: Level 1 Teachers Manual by Marie Rippel

The comprehensive All About Reading Level 1 Teachers Manual thoroughly teaches the five key components of reading through 49 step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow and fun to teach!

In Level 1, youíll teach important reading skills including phonological awareness, phonics and decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Your Level 1 Teacherís Manual will guide you through the scripted steps of each lesson, including review and new teaching. Youíll teach letter sounds, phonograms, consonant teams, blending, syllables, sight words, consonant blends, plurals, compound words, and much more.

Everything in the Teacherís Manual is laid out for you step by step. Youíll be able to successfully teach reading without feeling overwhelmed. And the program helps your student learn quickly, while still guaranteeing retention and enjoyment. Our approach to reading develops children into confident readers who absorb and retain new information.

Note: This Level 1 Teachers Manual must be used in conjunction with a Level 1 Student Packet. It cannot be used by itself.
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All About Reading Level 1 Review

The Runt Pig Cobweb the Cat. This is a delightful, developmentally appropriate method for learning to read. It comes in two versions: Basic and Deluxe. You can choose between our Letter Tiles app or physical letter tiles. Both are great options! Magnetic white boards are available at stores such as Walmart and Staples. The lessons are mastery-based, not grade-level-based.

This is a one-time purchase, and you will use the same kit for all four levels of All About Reading. It comes in two versions: Basic and Deluxe. Visit Reading Interactive Kits for complete information. The Reading Interactive Kit contains everything you need, including the physical letter tiles, but there are two additional items to consider. If you plan to teach mainly with the physical letter tiles, you'll need to purchase a 2' x 3' magnetic white board from a store such as Walmart of Staples. For an easy-to-use, portable alternative, our Letter Tiles App is available as a separate purchase. All About Reading makes it easy to teach multiple students!

Included in the basic kit are: letter tiles and magnets, a sound app disc and divider cards. Also in the student packet are 32 phonogram cards and word cards. You will need a magnetic white board, which we do, however most of the time we prefer to use a biscuit cookie tray. The lessons are scripted and extremely clear to follow, though I recommend photocopying beforehand and having a quick peruse of the lesson prior to. As the child masters a word card it is stored behind a divider, to be reviewed regularly. This step involves many parts; work with letter tiles, the activity sheets, fluency exercises and reading from the decode-able readers. Some lessons are long and best broken up over two day.

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Level 1 starts out with a review of letter sounds from the Pre-Reading program but with a difference. From the beginning letters m, s, p, and a the letters become words and the student is off and reading. After all letters and short vowels have been re-introduced, lessons cover consonant teams th, sh, ch, and then later, ck, ng, and nk , final and initial blends, double consonants, a few sight words, compound words, and plural words. Activity Book is Blast Off to Reading. Readers for this level are Run, Bug, Run! With its edition, all materials are in full color and although the stories and activity books are essentially the same, the Teachers Manuals have been expanded with additional teaching tips and hands-on learning activities.

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