Facts about jason greek mythology

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facts about jason greek mythology

Jason and the Argonauts by Robert Byrd

A beautifully illustrated account of the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts with informative details from the award-winning author of Electric Ben
The story of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the earliest recorded Greek myths. Here, master artist Robert Byrd has created a striking telling of the legend for a new generation of readers. Complete with explanatory notes and illustrated back matter, Jason and the Argonauts traces each step of our hero’s journey, from the Golden Fleece’s origin story and Jason’s childhood to his triumphant return with the prize and eventual death. Deftly designed to accommodate glorious large pictures and captioned insets, the book is not only a great story, but a wealth of information about ancient Greece.
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Jason and The Argonauts (1963)

Jason (Iason)

Jason was a Greek hero, most known for leading his Argonauts in a quest to obtain the golden fleece. As a boy, Jason was a victim of family quarrel in which his uncle Pelias killed his father Aeson and took the kingdom for himself. In fear of losing her son, Alcimede sent Jason into the wilderness where he was raised by a centaur called Chiron. When grown, Jason returned to his native city of Iolcos where he demanded back his kingdom. Pelias agreed on one condition though, which was to bring back the golden fleece.

He was the son of Aeson , the rightful king of Iolcos. He was married to the sorceress Medea. He was also the great-grandson of the messenger god Hermes , through his mother's side. Jason appeared in various literary works in the classical world of Greece and Rome , including the epic poem Argonautica and the tragedy Medea. In the modern world, Jason has emerged as a character in various adaptations of his myths, such as the film Jason and the Argonauts and the TV miniseries of the same name. Jason's father is invariably Aeson, but there is great variation as to his mother's name.

Jason arriving to the palace of Pelias 1. Jason recognised by Pelias and his daughters detail. Pompei, casa di Giasone o dell'Amor fatale IX 5,18 , triclinio f. National Archaeological Museum, Naples. His mother was Tyro, daughter of Salmoneus and Alcidice, but she, they say, consorted with Poseidon , giving birth to the twins Neleus and Pelias 1. As this had been done secretly, Tyro abandoned them, and when they were exposed, a horse keeper found them and saved their lives.

Returning as a young man, Jason was promised his inheritance if he fetched the Golden Fleece for Pelias, a seemingly impossible task. After many adventures see Argonaut Jason abstracted the fleece with the help of the enchantress Medea , whom he married. Article Media.
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Jason was a hero in Greek mythology. He was born in Thessaly , northern Greece. The men who helped to sail the boat were called the Argonauts. The ending -naut is used in other words about the ocean such as naut ical. Jason and the Argonauts went to find the Golden Fleece. His father was Aeson , the rightful king of Iolcus.

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