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it can t happen here summary shmoop

It Cant Happen Here Quotes by Sinclair Lewis

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Published 03.12.2018

"It Can't Happen Here!"

Getting Close to Fascism with Sinclair Lewis’s “It Can’t Happen Here”

Friends scoff at this extravagant concern. When Election Day comes to pass, Jessup learns that his editorials have not done the trick. At the time, the obvious specter was Adolf Hitler, whose rise to power in Germany provoked fears that men like the Louisiana senator Huey Long or the radio priest Charles Coughlin might accomplish a similar feat in the United States. Within a week of the election, the book was reportedly sold out on Amazon. In , Lewis was trying to prevent the unthinkable: the election of a pseudo-fascist candidate to the presidency of the United States. The only viable options will be to get out of the country — or to join an armed underground resistance. The novel arrived in bookstores that October.

Windrip then wins the presidential election by railing against immigrants, the poor and the liberal media.
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Sinclair Lewis published the novel as Adolf Hitler was making Germany great again, violating the Treaty of Versailles by establishing the Wehrmacht. Benito Mussolini invaded Ethiopia. Once in the White House, Windrip institutes a backcountry version of the fascism then creeping over Europe. Lewis was never much of an artist, but what he lacked in style he made up for with social observation. So Taccone and Bennett S. Peterson directed, and the adaptation opened at the Berkeley Rep on September 30th, four days after the first Presidential debate. The result is a two-part production that has all the subtlety of a Donald Trump rally.

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