A good jack makes a good jill

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a good jack makes a good jill

Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott

Old-fashioned? Sure. Out of date? Not at all. Despite being written more than a century ago, this charming and sweet book has some very important themes and messages for today. In classic LMA fashion, this book is meant to be morally inspiring for Tweens and teens who already accept the moral premise of classic conservative Christian values. To evaluate a LMA book outside of that bent is to essentially judge a fishs ability to climb a tree. In my opinion, this book is highly entertaining and inspiring. As a life long LMA fan and a young mom, I enjoyed many of the characters and their story arcs. Admittedly, this book is not without sermons and it is difficult to follow the conversations in places where the speaker changes but the formatting seems to hide that fact. There is no question that I enjoyed this book as a young mom and look forward to sharing it with my children.
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Jack and Jill Chocolate Bird

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Louisa May Alcott

Jill and Jack

The film was released on November 11, by Columbia Pictures. In present day Los Angeles, Jack is a successful advertising executive who lives with his beautiful wife Erin and their two kids: Sofie, and Gary, a Hindu child they adopted at birth. Jill never left the working-class neighborhood they grew up in; she recently inherited the Sadelstein home, having lived with their mother until her death one year ago. As always, Jack is irritated by the upcoming Thanksgiving visit of his sister. Jill ruins Thanksgiving dinner by loudly embarrassing a homeless guest.

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A good Jack makes a good Jill [Gill].

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  1. If a husband treats his wife well, she will treat him well in return. I do the dishes because it gives Shannon much needed time to relax, and a good Jack makes a .

  2. A GOOD JACK MAKES A GOOD JILL. 14/10/ 0 Comments. Picture. CLICK HERE FOR KEY TO SOURCES. Picture. The European Magazine, and London.

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