Welcome to my world where everyone i ever need

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welcome to my world where everyone i ever need

Welcome to My World by Johnny Weir

There’s a lot of myth that surrounds Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir; myth created from fanciful assumptions and media speculation. Johnny makes a drug analogy in a press conference – ohmygod, he’s a drug addict! Johnny poses half-naked in a pair of stilettos for a photo shoot – ohmygod, his life is all hedonism and debauchery! Johnny makes some snide comments about rival Evan Lysacek – ohmygod, he’s a diva bitch from hell!

This is very much a ‘setting the record straight’ memoir. The reality, of course, is that Johnny’s a self-confessed shy country boy, who, as a matter of fact, has spent the majority of the last thirteen years training training training. Because you don’t get to be a three-time (*cough* four-time */cough*) national champion by partying every night. In Welcome to My World, he also reveals that he’s a big romantic who didn’t lose his virginity until he was established in a relationship with his first boyfriend, Schrew Schmeekins.

Johnny provides a thoughtful, concise overview of his life to date. Most of the content will be familiar to any fan (or anyone who’s seen the excellent documentary, Pop Star On Ice), but there are a few unexpected anecdotes. Like the time Johnny injured himself during Grand Prix season by daring Evan Lysacek to a handstand contest in Russia. (Amazing.)

Although I have no doubt that Johnny was poorly treated by his federation, egregiously underscored by the judges, and misrepresented by much of the media, it’s hard not to suspect him of sanding some of the rough edges off his story and casting himself in the best light possible. There are some gaps, some truths he doesn’t seem willing to divulge (yet). I, for one, would have liked to read Johnny’s take on his ‘feud’ with Evan. How did they go from being friends during the Champions On Ice tour to being (apparently) sworn enemies? Was it all media hype? Johnny remains notably quiet on the matter.

Anyone who’s seen him interviewed knows that Johnny has a great sense of humour, but it seems curiously absent here. Maybe his humour doesn’t translate to the page; maybe he wanted to be taken seriously here. Either way, My World feels flat as a result. It’s not quite an expose on the world of figure skating (although it contains plenty of appalling behaviour by the federation). It’s not quite a tell-all. It’s not even a rip-roaring good time.

I expected a few reactions to Johnny’s memoir, but “dull” wasn’t one of them.
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Johnny Weir


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