In a time of treason

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in a time of treason

In a Time of Treason (Tales of Durand, #2) by David Keck

David Keck continues the gripping story of Durand Col, a man at the heart of a nation divided.

Fighting under the banner of Lord Lamoric, Durand and his companions thwarted a mad dukes ambition and saved the crown. They have spent the winter counting their last pennies in their masters gloomy hall and wondering what the coming season will bring.

One thing seems certain: the peace they forged cannot hold. Too many barons have plotted against the king, too many strongrooms are empty, and no one truly believes that a simple vote will long deter the brooding Duke of Yrlac.

With the advent of spring, the king rails against traitors and flings mad edicts across the land. There is open rebellion in the North. And, the Duke of Yrlac steps over the border of Lamorics homeland.

Even as Durand fights at Lamorics side, his loyalties are increasingly torn. As a knight of Lamorics household, he cannot stray far from his masters wife—the one woman he can neither have nor forget—while siege and sorcery conspire to bring him closer to treason.

Can his loyalties survive his divided heart? Can the land of his birth survive the forces that tear it asunder? Can love and loyalty endure in a time of treason?
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Published 01.12.2018

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In A Time of Treason

During this time, international partners have oscillated between complicit silence and active support for the regime. Moreover, the non-elected government of Noureddine Bedoui has prepared the next step: the liberalization of the economy in the face of a budgetary crisis. The Algerian authorities were caught off guard by the sheer size of the popular mobilization that began in February, the skillful organization of the protesters, and the resolutely peaceful character of the protests themselves. Over time, however, the state has adapted, benefiting from the routinization of the movement and the fragmentation of political oppositions. Attempts to hold spontaneous gatherings have also been met by a massive police presence and a series of preventative arrests that sought to limit the movement to the schedule tolerated by the regime. It is important to point out that this movement is not only comprised of Friday protests. While the forces for a Democratic Alternative attempt to oppose the designs of the regime with a clear program, the Bedoui government seems to have completed its mission.

David Keck starts out his new fantasy series featuring Durand of the Col with a good story twist. Durand expects to inherit a small land holding from his father, the lord of the area. Now, he must turn to knight-errantry and make his way by force of arms and honor. Durand roams the land, attempting to find a tournament where he can make a name for himself. Escaping this traitorous group, he lucks into the band of Sir Lamoric, who is making a dangerous gamble with his wealth to attain additional respect in the eyes of his own lord and the king. His adventures continue with this group right up to the tense conclusion where rebel lords confront the King and threaten to usurp him. Seems like a suspect plan to me.

The Life Story of Ayesha Dawood

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Sign-up or sign-in to rate this book. Picking up where Edge of Time left off, Time of Treason continues the story of Riley and Alec, otherwise normal teens whose special genetic traits grant them powers they are only now learning to control — powers that also make them targets for the extraterrestrial Tyons. Read more. An error occurred, Please let us know. The Tyons tracked their time shift and are hot on their heels, and Rhozan is back, more dangerous than ever. After a brazen attack, Alec finds himself out of the frying pan and definitely into the fire.

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