Too hard to say goodbye

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too hard to say goodbye

Goodbyes Quotes (134 quotes)

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Published 01.12.2018

Westlife - Too Hard To Say Goodbye (Official Audio)

Too Hard To Say Goodbye

The anxiety of that reality had started to creep into my psyche weeks ago, when I was being fitted for my cap and gown. I knew at the conclusion of our graduation party early the next morning, I would be closing a chapter in my life—one filled with exploration, development, struggles, and growth. For so many of my fellow classmates, we had been together since kindergarten. We journeyed together, watching each other grow through the innocence of childhood, to the prejudices that develop as young adults. We went from adorable five year olds without a care in the world, to the awkwardness of puberty and the struggles to live up to societal stereotypes. In a way they were like family—comfortable like an old sweater; grounding me when I needed a reminder that I belonged to something greater than myself.

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In the film, the song is performed by Motown artist G., Everytime I close my eyes You're all that I can see I hold you in my heart And know you're watching over me. Standing by your side It felt like I could fly If I could be half the man that you are in my eyes And I could face the darkest day And fight the tears inside I can't turn the page or hold back the time It's too hard to say goodbye It's too hard to say goodbye.




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