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series of unfortunate events librarian

Lemony Snicket Quotes (127 quotes)

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Logoless Olivia Caliban/Librarian-ASOUE scenes

Who Plays Olivia Caliban on 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'?

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Olivia Caliban

In the book series, she first appeared in The Carnivorous Carnival and was the ninth guardian of the Baudelaire children and their second unofficial guardian, after Hal. In the book, Olivia has a somewhat cowardly personality, and becomes reliant on the Baudelaires to escape with them to the mountains. She is also a flawed adult who just wants to "give people what they want" which is probably a desire to make people happy. Before her death, Olivia told Olaf the true identity of the Baudelaires as freaks simply because he asked, making them feel betrayed when the caravan rolls down the mountain. It is implied that Olivia and Count Olaf were in a relationship or simply liked to be with her for more than her abilities. In the TV series, her personality is fundamentally altered so that she is a caring, more independent adult who wishes to protect the Baudelaires. She has a much more heroic role.

Adults on A Series of Unfortunate Events are almost uniformly horrible, so every time a passable person over the age of 18 shows up, it's impossible not to cling to them. Her positive attributes no doubt immediately endeared her to the audience, and it didn't hurt that she's played by such a familiar face. Warning: minor Season 2, Episode 3 spoilers ahead! Sara Rue took on the role of Olivia, whose dedicated attempts to help the Baudelaires set her apart from many of the other adults on the series. After the siblings were ousted from school at the end of Episode 2, Olivia decided to take an unpaid sabbatical to track them down, as well as look into the case of the kidnapped Quagmire triplets. She wasn't very successful until she ran into Mr. Poe's highly capable secretary Jacqueline , who was able to arrange an informative meeting between Olivia and Jacques Snicket.

One of the best parts of the latest season are all the new, interesting characters the Baudelaire children come across. There's one new character in particular that has quickly become a new fan favorite: the Prufrock Preparatory School librarian Olivia Caliban. Not only is she in instantly lovable character, she's also one of those actresses that looks so familiar but you can never quite place them. Sara Rue was tapped to bring the well-meaning librarian to life. Rue has one of those careers where she turns up in a ton of popular TV series in memorable roles. To say that Rue has an impressive resume would be an understatement.

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  1. In the TV series, she has an extended role and first appeared as a librarian of the library at Prufrock Preparatory School in The Austere Academy: Part One.

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