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essay about think before you click

Think Before You Click Quotes (5 quotes)

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Published 21.11.2018

Think before you Click (infomercial)

Think Before You Click. the Effects of Social Media in the Nursing Workplace

Katherine Donnelly Email. THINK before you click is the strong message of an internet safety campaign designed to protect teenagers from overexposing themselves on social networking sites. There is growing concern about the personal information and pictures being shared on sites such as Bebo and MySpace, often available to an unrestricted, worldwide audience. The importance of using nicknames, or at least not a full name, and being aware of how pictures can be manipulated are among the tips offered on the new Watch Your Space website. It can be copied, altered and displayed in different contexts without your consent. Stay in control by only uploading pictures that you are happy for everyone to see," the site warns.

THE reminder to think before you click on social media has been there since social media became mainstream. The concern about privacy has been bogging those in developed nations for years now. But here in the Philippines, we wake up to read about how LeniLeaks came to be. Robredo and Filipinos who have already acquired a different nationality and those who are working abroad on how to drum up protests against the present administration and force President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign. The mikedrop, facepalm, OMG moment in all these is that those who exposed these are not even hackers. How they got their hands on the data is simply because the conversations' privacy setting was public.

Online communication is instant, wide-reaching and difficul Excitement and nerves overpowered my body; at last I was going to dance in front of all my friends and family. I thought nothing and no one could r Everyone should take a second and weigh out the pros and cons before deciding to eat fast food. There are many health risks when it comes to eating Lesson Goal: To h

Think before you click!

Today, everything happens so fast. You can have cooked meals with the push of a microwave button. You put your hands under the faucet and water comes flowing down. You want to know if your favorite The Voice contestant was eliminated, you just press a few buttons on your remote and you are watching an instant replay of the popular TV singing competition. You want to go to Hong Kong? Because, as usual, your flight is delayed, but at least you were able to browse through your smartphone and check the news on the Internet. Ahhh…the Internet.

Each individual has a specific learning style that fits their personality and how they think, learning helps us to gain new knowledge and acquire new skills that we may incorporate in our daily lives. As you work through this course you will understand that the way we learn is dependent on how we think and make decisions. Our different styles of learning fall into patterns. After taking this course and understanding my LCI learning patterns, I have found that we practice each pattern in a different…. The outcome of this date resulted in the fact….

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