Why did north korea invade south korea

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why did north korea invade south korea

Red Phoenix (Red Phoenix #1) by Larry Bond

A superior offering from the genre. Kim Jong Il invades South Korea in a surprise attack, and its up to the brave plucky men (and one woman) of the US and South Korean military to fight them off. It all works out in the end, with the fighter pilot getting the girl (no Top Gun subtext here) and the rookie young officer becomes a Man. Still, a lot less jingoistic than most, and without the Mary Sues that pollute Clancys offerings. And the author tricked me in the end just like he did the NKs, which is unusual in these books. 4/5.
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Reports from the 38th parallel, which divides the Northern and Southern parts of Korea, said that attacks were launched generally along the border.
Larry Bond

Korean War

South Korea [a] United Nations : [a]. Total dead and missing: , dead and 32, missing , South Koreans, 44, Americans, 3, others Total wounded: , The war began on 25 June when North Korea invaded South Korea [48] [49] following a series of clashes along the border. As a product of the Cold War , the Soviet Union and the United States divided Korea into two sovereign states in with the border set at the 38th parallel. A socialist state was established in the north under the communist leadership of Kim Il-sung and a capitalist state in the south under the anti-communist leadership of Syngman Rhee. Both governments of the two new Korean states claimed to be the sole legitimate government of all of Korea , and neither accepted the border as permanent.

This invasion was the first military action of the Cold War. As far as American officials were concerned, it was a war against the forces of international communism itself. After some early back-and-forth across the 38th parallel, the fighting stalled and casualties mounted with nothing to show for them. Meanwhile, American officials worked anxiously to fashion some sort of armistice with the North Koreans. Finally, in July , the Korean War came to an end. In all, some 5 million soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the war. The Korean peninsula is still divided today.

The Korean War was one of several military conflicts that occurred during the Cold War, as the United States and its allies attempted to stop the spread of communism. After the war, Korea became two countries. By invading South Korea, North Korea hoped to reunite the two nations as a single country under communism. Although many of the soldiers sent to South Korea were members of the United States military, they were under the direct control of the United Nations. Because of this and because the United States never formally declared war on North Korea, many people contend that the Korean War should be called the Korean Conflict rather than referred to as a war. Technically, these people are right from the American perspective, yet North and South Korea were clearly engaged in a war. The American troops, as well as those from other countries, were hoping to protect South Korea from communism and thus were participating in the Koreans' war.

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Roberts and O. In Korea had been divided along the 38th parallel, its industrial north being occupied by the Soviets and the agricultural south by the Americans. -





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