Do humans have special abilities

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do humans have special abilities

Unique special abilities/superpowers (254 books)

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Published 01.12.2018

Real Superhuman Strength? - Reality Check

Can Humans Have Superpowers?

Biased and prejudiced, yet a member of the most supremely cooperative species on the planet. As a human being, you are a mass of contradictions and all the more amazing for it. Find out how to harness the best and avoid the worst of what you are. Without even realising, you perform fiendishly complex real-time calculations and predict the future like no other species can. Read more. Well so does everyone else.

We can adapt to survive at the top of the world.

Superheroes are everywhere these days: television shows, blockbuster movies, games. There are even toy-based versions of superheroes, resulting in a perfect storm of merchandising. But while these fictional heroes seem unbelievable, there are actually real superpowers among everyday human beings. These powers are rare, but they can be exploited for their incredible abilities. In this episode of podcast , they start first saying superpowers are real. There are documented cases of human beings displaying amazing abilities such as an extremely detailed memory , seeing sound as color or even magnetism.

We can't all be Wonder Woman, but we do have the ability to develop some pretty amazing capabilities. Warner Bros. Compared to most other animals, the average human seems fairly weak. We live in climate-controlled bubbles and eat food that we purchase in stores. Most of us would have a hard time surviving in the wild for even a week. And yet, Homo sapiens were able to conquer the globe, spreading to the far corners of the planet before the existence of modern technology.

T he idea of becoming superhuman has fascinated mankind for ages. The yogis and holy men of India meditated in caves and explored the tantras and sutras of Hindu philosophy in search of the legendary siddhis , a set of supernatural powers believed to be the byproduct of intensive meditation and yoga practice. Tibetan monks meditated for decades to master the control of their physical and etheric bodies and beyond, learning to travel the astral planes and afterlife, and sorcerers in medieval times sought countless magical powers from healing the sick to controlling others through the use of herbs, spells and spirits. Even today, the idea of superhuman abilities captivates the masses. Comic books portray any number of colorful characters trying to cope with their miraculous superpowers, and countless movies and TV shows from Limitless and Lucy to The X Files , Stranger Things and even the entire Sci-Fi channel and more explore the limits of what we believe is possible and then some. Working body parts can be grown in labs, blindness and deafness are close to being cured, and we can now genetically engineer virtually any trait into human embryos and beyond.

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