George washington winter at valley forge

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george washington winter at valley forge

George Washington and the Winter at Valley Forge by Gary Jeffrey

The survival of the American troops during the brutal winter at Valley Forge is one of the most harrowing tales of the Revolutionary War. In this book, readers witness the dedication of a civilian army that persevered through a fatal lack of supplies in order to continue the fight for independence from Britain. Readers discover George Washington before his days as president, serving as the impassioned military leader who kept his men together during such a trying time. Presented in graphic-novel form with accessible text and detailed artwork, this book is sure to keep even the most reluctant readers interested in this amazing tale and its historical context.
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Valley Forge - Story of US

The six-month encampment of General George Washington's Continental Army at Valley Forge in the winter of was a major turning.
Gary Jeffrey

American Revolution: Winter at Valley Forge

Yes, years of illustrations have portrayed a Continental Army perpetually snowbound in its winter encampment. Yet historical records confirm that the winter of was fairly mild by southeast Pennsylvania standards, with the mercury dropping into single digits only twice. It is true that nearly 2, soldiers died at Valley Forge, many from exposure, but this was more the result of an almost criminal lack of food and clothing, with disease completing the truly miserable picture. Entire regiments were without shoes, and foreign observers arriving at camp were astounded to see naked and barefoot American sentries manning guard posts wrapped only in tattered blankets. Following the American General Horatio Gate's astounding victory over a large British expeditionary force at the Battle of Saratoga in October , there was a concerted effort led by the Massachusetts congressmen John Adams to relieve Washington and replace him as commander in chief with Gates.

Valley Forge functioned as the third of eight military encampments for the Continental Army's main body, commanded by General George Washington. .. During the Valley Forge winter, Washington's detractors attacked his leadership ability in.
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While the Continental forces were gathered in small shelters at Valley Forge, the British were holding a "Meschianza" in Philadelphia. Valley Forge was a critical period for the Continental Army, not the least because the Baron von Steuben instituted a series of reforms that helped professionalize the army and make them better soldiers. Valley Forge was the site of the winter encampment of the Continental Army. The park commemorates the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation. Despite his wishes, Washington did not return to his plantation on the Potomac from the moment he accepted his appointment as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in until after the American victory at Yorktown in

The rebel capital, Philadelphia, fell into British hands. By the time the army marched into Valley Forge on December 19, they were suffering not only from cold, hunger, and fatigue, but from low morale in the wake of the disastrous Philadelphia Campaign. Washington described Valley Forge as "a dreary kind of place and uncomfortably provided. However, in spite of these advantages, Washington's army was ill-prepared for the encampment that would last six months. The army camped at Valley Forge consisted of as many as 12, Continentals, as well as smaller numbers of African American and Native American soldiers. A number of women and children, including officers' wives, were also present at Valley Forge, having joined their husbands or family members in the encampment.

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  1. Valley Forge , in the American Revolution , Pennsylvania encampment grounds of the Continental Army under General George Washington from December 19, , to June 19, , a period that marked the triumph of morale and military discipline over severe hardship.

  2. In December, , General George Washington moved the Continental Army to their winter quarters at Valley Forge. Though Revolutionary forces had secured.

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