Na guide to local service

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na guide to local service

A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous by Narcotics Anonymous

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Published 30.11.2018

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Each group elects one group service representative; even those groups hosting more than one recovery meeting elect just one GSR. These GSRs form the foundation of our service structure. GSRs provide constant, active influence over the discussions being carried on within the service structure.
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The purpose of public relations in Narcotics Anonymous is to inform the public that NA exists and offers recovery from the disease of addiction. A public relations committee helps to ensure that accurate information about our fellowship is available to the public. NA World Services has compiled the following guidelines to support emerging NA communities needing some basic guidance in fulfilling our primary purpose in the public arena. Our primary purpose as a fellowship is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. R formally known as P. Courage and humility are necessary ingredients in our recovery when approaching the public about our fellowship. We hope that you find this part of NA service as rewarding as we have.

If you would be interested in doing service for this group then please contact us HERE. Please note that Narcotics Anonymous is fully self supporting from our own contributions and is therefore unable to accept donations from Non Members. We ask that you please confine your shares to those matters relating to and affecting your recovery and the 12 Step Program of Narcotics Anonymous. We also ask that you refrain from abusive language and obscenities, personal attacks or expressing opinions on outside issues in line with our Traditions. Tradition 12 tells us that anonymity is one of the core principles of our program and we would ask that when attending our meetings we all do our best to remember that gossip can be very damaging to our fellowship and individual members. How our meetings work. Video is permanently disabled in our meetings so you will be unable to change that setting and Microphones are automatically muted on entry.

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Narcotics Anonymous Public Service Announcement

About a year ago, a number of OCNA members got together to collect information for a pamphlet focusing on our service structure and subcommittees. Their goal was to produce an short informational pamphlet to describe the various service subcommittees, their roles, and how they each help further our message and help addicts who still suffer. This Area Service Pamphlet was approved this month an is now available for download at no cost here. Printed copies are also available through the ASO. Ask your GSR to get copies for your meeting today! See that site for details, history and reference material. The Service System Project was created to take an overall view at how to improve local services and address some of the long-standing challenges in service delivery.

There are probably as many ways to be of service in NA as there are different personalities among our members. Sponsorship, service at the group level, speaking with newcomers and other forms of service are the backbone of the NA program. This page does not address these forms of NA service. Rather, it describes the formal service structure of our local fellowship. One of these benefits is the privilege of service.


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