Bob huggins 5 out motion offense

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bob huggins 5 out motion offense

Books by Bob Huggins (Author of Motion Offense)

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Published 30.11.2018

Open Practice: 5-Man Spread Motion Offense

Details about the 5 out motion offense which covers the basics, cutting series, screening series, and entries. The 5 out motion offense primarily focuses on passing, cutting, and screening actions to create scoring opportunities via layups or open jump shots.
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5-Out Motion Offense Complete Coaching Guide

Long-time West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins has created an offense that is very hard to guard using one of the latest trends in today's game: a positionless, open post attack. His teams use a ton of cutting, filling, and ball reversals to pick apart defenses through constant ball movement. In this video, you'll get the opportunity to see how Coach Huggins adds various actions to his motion offense to turn his team into a high-powered scoring machine. Before adding any actions, first you must come to understand the 5-out motion offense and be able to teach your players how to properly space, cut, and fill within it. Huggins demonstrates how to teach athletes proper spacing along with how to utilize the floor to creating ideal scoring opportunities. Next, Huggins installs some of his favorite motion offense strategies.


The 5-out motion offense is a fantastic primary offense for basketball teams at any level, but especially youth basketball teams. Due to players making decisions and reading the play of their teammates and defenders, the 5-out motion offense is great for teaching players how to play basketball.

Bob Huggins , and 1 wants to have the ball in the middle of the floor the chute. Don't zig-zag if overplayed, just go, it never hurts to backcut. You have to backcut on a pass fake. If denied he would push hard off his top foot and backcut. Cut in straight lines, don't round it. Catch, turn and square up on the perimeter otherwise the defence knows where you will pass.

Sign Up. For Trainers. Log In. Got a question? Provides an overview of the motion offense used at the University of Cincinnati. Covers the basic movements of the five player open post motion offense, offense before cuts begin, cut-to-the-basket options, cut-to-the-ball options, cut-away-from-the-ball options, offense from the wings, involvement of corners in the motion offense, weakside play, drilling individual, two-on-two, three-on-three and

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