Boy blonde hair blue eyes

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boy blonde hair blue eyes

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter

Original Review: October 2015
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes is a short-story prequel to Karin Slaughters September 2015 novel Pretty Girls. It is a brief look at Julias life before she went missing. In my opinion, I dont feel that it is necessary for readers of Pretty Girls to read this but it provided interesting insight into local crime at the time, Julias character, some family dynamics, and of course her abduction.

I read Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes after reading Pretty Girls and it did feel more haunting than I think it would have vice versa. Regardless, it does bring awareness to the many young people who go missing every year. Like Julia, they have a last event, a last conversation, a last thought, a last everything before being taken. Truly horrific.

Statistics provided by Karin Slaughter:
In America in 2013, a woman was raped every 6.6 minutes. An estimated 80% of all rapes go unreported. Get help if you or someone you know has been assaulted. You are not alone!

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Blonde Hair Blue Eyes - School Boy Humor (Stanhope NJ)

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Karin Slaughter

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