13 week 10k training program

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13 week 10k training program

The Beginning Runners Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program by Ian MacNeill

Newly revised and expanded, this best-seller safely guides beginning runners from shoe selection to their first 10K.

More than 20 million North Americans run recreationally — an astonishing figure that shows just how popular running is as a method of improving fitness. Into this growing market comes a revised Beginning Runners Handbook. Whereas most running books are directed at the more advanced runner, this tightly written, absolutely basic guide offers a proven program perfectly suited to the beginning runner seeking long-term fitness.

New to this edition is an expanded training chapter including all-new material on running faster and farther; maintaining fitness while vacationing; building toward half and full marathons; running with the family, including running during pregnancy and after the baby arrives; coming back from injuries; and the latest on nutrition and running.
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How To Run A Sub 40 Minute 10km Race! - Running Training & Tips

I'm doing it again now, because like an idiot, I stopped running for a year while I was finishing my Masters and I now I need to go through this entire process again. Oh well.
Ian MacNeill

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Are you planning on running your first 10K in the upcoming three to four months? Truth be told, I envy you because my first 10K race was a complete mess. Keep on reading to learn how to go from being a complete couch potato to a 10K hero. Alongside the shorter 5K , the 10K, is one of the most popular race distances for beginner runners. From one side, the 6. Getting a spot in a 10K race, even in the most popular events, is quite easy compared to the ballot and substantial fundraising required to secure a major marathon place.

Running a 5K or 10K is a fantastic way to get fit, shed weight and establish a long-term fitness goal. Road Runners Club of America—certified coach Deborah Brooks says that many new runners take on too much and underestimate the time commitment involved with training properly for a race. This can lead to burnout and poor performance. Get Ready to Run Your First 5K in 15 Weeks This training plan is optimal for beginners who are new to the sport of running, as it includes run-walk intervals. During the week period, runners gradually build up their running time from 10—15 minutes in the first week to 30 minutes in the last week.

Aubrey Bailey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with an additional degree in psychology and board certification in hand therapy. Bailey is also an Anatomy and Physiology professor. You know you can run a 5K. Maybe you've already finished one. But a 10K?!

Are you planning on running your first 10K in the upcoming three to four months? Then you're in the right place because I'm going to share with you a couch.
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A 10K Training Plan for Beginners

A method designed to train you from zero fitness to 10K within 12 weeks. This method uses intervals of walking as well as running, building your confidence and steadily building stamina and fitness 10K may seem like a lofty target if you are a beginner or out of shape, but take it week by week and follow the running tips below and you'll give yourself a good chance of completing your target how good will that feel

If you cannot yet run for minutes continuously, we recommend using our minute 8-week beginners training programme first, and continuing with the following 10k training programme once this has been completed. In such a case you should allow 4 months to train from nothing to 10k. Week 1 : Run for 15 mins, then walk for mins, then run for a further 15 mins. Repeat this once more in the week with rest days in between each day of training. On Sunday go for a 2 mile continuous run and make a note of your time at the end. Divided by 2 this will give you your average speed per mile. This will be a useful tool to measure your progress and improvement over the next few months.


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