Quotes about talking on the phone

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quotes about talking on the phone

Phone Quotes (97 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

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15 Texting and Driving Quotes and Slogans To Remind You To Stay Off Your Phone

Sign in. Stu : I have never done anything for anybody who couldn't do something for me. I string along an eager kid with promises I'll pay him money. I only keep him around because he looks up to me. Adam, if you're watching, don't be a publicist. You're too good for it.

Explore Phone Call Quotes by authors including Steve Harvey, Valerie I got a phone call, and the caller said, 'I'm Dhirubhai Ambani may I talk to Nita?.
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My free time at home is usually spent emailing, listening to music, reading and talking on the phone. I wish I was on the phone less, but I have been fortunate to stay in touch with so many incredible friends. He always kept me just on the edge of crazy. Feeling like I wanted him too much, which just made me want him more. As I walked down the street while talking on the phone, sophisticated New Yorkers gaped at the sight of someone actually moving around while making a phone call. Remember that in , there weren't cordless telephones, let alone cellular phones.

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